As a super-sporty recumbent trike, the TRIX has redefined adaptive cycling for young people, bringing happiness to countless kids who are unable to ride a “normal” bicycle.

If you want to move forward, just put up your feet and lean back in your seat. Sounds like a paradox, but it’s actually just TRIX. With its low center of gravity, the TRIX is so stable and agile that even riders with disabilities can lead the pack – and look effortlessly cool while doing so.

In many cases, the TRIX is the perfect follow-on bike from many of our Quest 88 Therapy trikes, or from the Hase Trets. Thanks to its quick-adjust frame, the TRIX can be adjusted for any rider between 4’1” and 6’3” (1.25 and 1.90 m) and is quite possibly the last trike you'll ever need!

As a recumbent trike, the TRIX is also intuitive to ride because you can see your legs while you’re pedaling. This makes all the difference in the world. To make sure the rider’s feet are held securely in place, the pedals are equipped with toe clips and straps. Pedals with calf support, along with many other adaptive accessories, are also available.

Each feature has been carefully chosen by Hase; from the pedals with toe clips and straps to prevent the rider's feet from slipping out, to the brake levers featuring shorter reach for riders with smaller hands. But that doesn't mean any less braking strength, the disc brakes offer excellent stopping power and precise modulation, even for those with poor hand strength.

It is also possible for the TRIX to be supplied with Shimano Steps motorised pedal assistance for riders over 14 years of age.

As with many Hase products, the TRIX can also be converted to the coolest trailer out there, still being able to put plenty of power in to help the lead rider with the journey, but give over the controls of steering to the bike in front.

If specified, this can also include Hase's drift braking system, to actuate the brakes softly whenever the trike may start to overtake the lead bike, enabling the TRIX to keep the control so you don't have to. This is ideal for families wanting to go for longer rides on roads, to arrive at a location where it's safe for steering to be given back to the rider to then explore.

The TRIX is available to test Ride at our Hubs in Shrewsbury and Monmouth.

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