The TRETS is an infinitely adjustable trike for all kids between 3’3” and 5’3” in height (1–1.6 m). The poison-green speedster comes with a set of funky decals – kids can choose between “Wild Dinosaur” or “Pink Glam.” 

For tool-free length adjustment, all you have to do is open a lever and slide the seat into the appropriate position – without tools and without having to shorten the chain which auto-adjusts.

The semi-recumbent design means that it will last longer than a conventional saddled tricycle and without raising the centre of gravity.

The TRETS comes in two variants - an intuitive under-seat steering version which is ideal for those who want more control in steering through adaptive handles OR a more traditional handlebar version. Quest can also adapt the TRETS to suit those with limited grip or braking ability, including single-hand controls.

The semi-recumbent riding position encourages better pushing through the pedals and the low centre of gravity allows you to ride with control and uninfluenced by cambers, which means that the TRETS is extremely stable.

Pedals with toe clips and straps, as well as elastic heel straps, guarantee good foot positioning and prevent slipping.
The five-point harness keeps little ones in their seat – making the trike ideal for riders who are unable to hold themselves upright. 

The HASE innovation of a fixed wheel drive and 8-speed hub gear combined means that you have gearing for every occasion and which will adjust as the rider develops their strength and stamina as they grow.

Remove the front wheel, attach the drawbar, and the trike is in trailer mode. Then it can be hitched to one of the parents’ bikes for long bike tours or for towing tired trikers. 

There’s a wide range of adaptive accessories for TRETS – including Pendulum Pedals for kids with severely limited mobility. And Crank Shorteners, which are perfect for legs of different lengths or for when the knees cannot be fully extended.

For further support, Quest offers a “PLUS” version of the TRETS utilising our experience and contacts within the wheelchair industry we are able to supply the base trike with parental rear steer and an INVACARE seat back insert for greater trunk control.

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