Shimano Steps E-Assist
Shimano Steps E-Assist
Shimano Steps E-Assist
Shimano Steps E-Assist

Shimano Steps E-Assist


Shimano Steps System – Available on all ICE Folding trikes.

Beautifully integrated into our trikes, the Shimano Steps Electric assist system gives the push you need to explore further with ease.

With the integrated 250 w motor mounted at the front of the trike, the battery mounted under the trikes seat, a handlebar mounted computer and controller for easy access and a neat, well protected wiring loom, the whole system blends in and keeps your trike looking as great as ever.


The Shimano Steps system includes a powerful motor with a smooth output. Providing a seamless and easy ride from a standing start even on steep inclines.


The computer and its control unit have a clear and intuitive interface, loaded with functionality. The computer will keep you up to date with all the information you need throughout your ride.


The Shimano Steps runs, as standard, with Di2 software communication. This software allows ICE dealers to quickly and simply run a full diagnostics test at your convenience as part of a general service.


The Shimano Steps system comes with an optional integrated 6v DC power output for powerful lighting. A great choice for a completely seamless system.

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