The Pino creates it's own class when it comes to tandems. The bike offers unprecedented comfort and an exhilarating ride, with the front rider taking a recumbent seating position whilst the rear rider handles the steering, brakes, and gearing.

The geometry of the recumbent seat and saddle allow for a stronger sense of shared experience, as communication is effortless with both rider's heads being much closer than the conventional tandem. Both riders also gain the full atmosphere of the road and surroundings, with both riders being able to see where they are going.

With its short wheelbase, it's almost as manoeuvrable as a single-seater, opening up whole new route options to explore. The low centre of gravity makes the Pino extremely stable when moving, and for when stationary, the sturdy kickstand makes transferring on and off as easy as getting onto any ordinary chair. To disengage, the front rider only needs to push off and the kickstand will spring back and tuck it's self away, ready for the ride to begin.

PINO STEPS as a recreational tandem (accessory: Porter Rack)

The front boom extends and detracts on a quick release system, making adjustment for different sized riders extremely quick. The Pino can also be converted to accommodated younger riders with the addition of Hase's children crankset, which sits on top of the boom and utilises a secondary freewheel to allow children to have breaks from pedalling. However, this can be removed with Hase's freewheel-fixer accessory, which is ideal for children or adults alike who are unable to pedal themselves, giving passive exercise or training with the hopes of them being able to pedal themselves in time.

The perfect tourer, the Pino can have luggage mounted in a variety of ways. Rear panniers, front panniers, cargo-space on the underside of the frame by using either Hase's Cargo Cack or Cargo Bag, and then finally the front seat can be converted into one large storage solution with Hase's foldable Porter Bag. Once folded, the Porter Bag simply mounts on the back of the front seat. Different gearing sets can also be used to customise the Pino further to suit individual needs, the ratio between the front and rear rider can be changed from the standard 1:1 ratio to make pedalling for the front rider easier in several different increments. This allows the front rider to still pedal with some resistance, without having to put in the same effort as the rear rider.

For transportation, has an ingenious telescoping mechanism. In other words: you can shorten the wheelbase by simply pushing the two parts together. The front section slides smoothly into the main frame, the geometry remains perfectly aligned, and the slack of the greasy chain is taken up by the frame-quick-adjust assembly. 

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