My First Runner(TM)
My First Runner(TM)
My First Runner(TM)

My First Runner(TM)

My First Runner is our smallest running frame for children aged 12 months - 2 years.

Because of its reduced rolling resistance, it is a great introduction to walking and weight-bearing and helps infants overcome initial obstacles in normal standing and walking development. The partial weight aspect of the Runner enables stepping and freedom to move and explore the environment, giving the infant a greater sense of their own body and their place in the environment in which they are moving.

My First Runner supports the child by distributing body weight through the chest support, micro banana saddle, and for those who can grip, also through the handlebars. The Runner features soft covers for the handlebar stem and adjustment posts.

The carer pole enables carers and parents to assist or control, encouraging those first steps and also influencing steering.

Please get in touch with the team to book an assessment or demonstration of My First Runner

Benefits in child development

Several studies have been done, and many more are underway, exploring the associated physiological benefits of Frame Running. Particularly in children’s physical development where there is an existing mobility impairment making walking and standing a challenge. Studies have already revealed significant improvement in bone density in children with Cerebral Palsy only after a short period of using a Frame Runner.


Please contact Quest for sizing information.

Frame Colours Available: Green Metallic, Matt Yellow, Matt Red

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