LifeGlider Walking Aid
LifeGlider Walking Aid
LifeGlider Walking Aid
LifeGlider Walking Aid
LifeGlider Walking Aid

LifeGlider Walking Aid

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Meet LifeGlider. Hands-free, upright, "fall-safe" mobility. Like a walker, but unlike a walker. The only general purpose walking aid that will keep you from falling should you lose your grip or footing thanks to its innovative design.

The combination of seating perch and 'seatbelt' allows the LifeGlider to move with you, freeing up your hands to engage with life like never before. For additional stability there is also an occasional brake and handbrake, for those moments where you want to stay in one place with added stability.

Thanks to the splayed wheels, if you lose your balance but don't have time to grab the handles, you 'fall' downwards and into the frame, where the seating perch is then able to catch you and guide you back into balance. The LifeGlider also folds flat, perfect for storage in smaller homes and for on-the-go usability.

A whole new way of moving. Upright, balanced,

It's quite possibly the ultimate mobility device for rehabilitation and independent living. Safe, secure, and freeing.

Sizing the LifeGlider Mobility Aid

The LifeGlider comes in three sizes: Small, Standard & Tall. To discover your ideal size you will need to measure your 'inside leg' measurement and comparing against the sizing chart below.

Whilst sizing the LifeGlider is simpler than most products, we also encourage customers to make use of our free home assessments, available nationally.

Is the LifeGlider right for you?

You're the perfect candidate for LifeGlider if your legs work fine, but you just can't walk very far or have a condition that affects your balance. Or maybe you're recuperating from an injury and need a little support as you regain your strength. The only other thing you'll need is enough strength in at least one hand to squeeze the brake for greater control.

LifeGlider is not for everyone. But for our users with balance issues, it's been "life-changing."

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