Kaye Walker (Fast Track)
Kaye Walker (Fast Track)
Kaye Walker (Fast Track)
Kaye Walker (Fast Track)

Kaye Walker (Fast Track)

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You can now buy the Kaye Walker online as part of Quest's new Fast Track service, created to meet the growing demand for families and individuals who are finding it difficult to acquire walkers from NHS community stores, require a second walker for home use, or are suffering from significant delays in equipment provision.
This service is designed for individuals who have already established, via a healthcare professional, that a posture control walker is appropriate. The service is limited to a standard configuration of Kaye Walker which we believe covers the majority of use cases, and does not include a preliminary one-to-one assessment. After care and warranty is, of course, included as standard. Please note that this service is not available to businesses.
The colour of each Fast Track Kaye Walker is set, changing from size to size. The price includes directional locking swivel-wheels and one-way rear wheels, available in standard or activity sizes (further information on this below), with the option of a hip guide and belt available. Fast Track Walkers are usually delivered within 3 days of order confirmation and are sold with saving of 10% off of our normal retail price.
There are currently delays across all walkers, please anticipate 2-4 weeks before receiving your order.
For size 5 frames there is a considerably longer delay and so we have removed them from our Fast Track service, please contact us directly if you require this size.
To read more about the Kaye Walker, please click here.


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Renown for longevity and sturdy construction.

Before 'Posterior Walkers' there was and is the Kaye Posture Control Walker. And posture is what it is all about. The frame geometry and the frame strength of the Kaye Posture Control Walker is key to its success in assisting walking training.

Which Size?

The Kaye Walker is available in seven sizes, covering toddlers through to adults. Each size of the Kaye Walker overlaps and is colour coded for ease of identification. The reason there are eight sizes is that it is important that walkers for children are proportionate and applicable to each stage in development. Having a proportionate size in terms of the weight of the equipment, the spatial implications when negotiating environments, and just the daily 'living with the equipment' is so important.

Which wheels?

All Kaye Walker wheel options can be used outdoors, however we provide Activity wheels which are significantly larger than standard wheels in order to travel with increased ease across grass and other slightly more adventurous terrains. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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