Children's Pedal with Toe Clip & Strap

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As an alternative to cleat systems: these pedals hold the front portion of the foot with a plastic cage whilst holding the foot under tension and on the pedal with a shock chord. You can adjust the shock chord to the desired length and tension according to the type of footwear you are using and to improve the foots alignment.

These are ideal for people who want additional support without excessive strapping. They are designed so that should a fall occur, the foot will still come away from the pedal

These are not designed for riders with spasticity or impaired adduction/abduction, but rather for children and adults who have issues with motor control or lack of sensation in the feet and an inability to maintain normal foot alignment and keep their feet on a conventional pedal.

*For cyclists who require more rigid support we recommend Quest 88 or Hase footplates.

  • Sold individually, choose right or left pedal
  • 9/16" Spindle.
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