Cavalier - Hand Steer
Cavalier - Hand Steer
Cavalier - Hand Steer
Cavalier - Hand Steer
Connie Hansen

Cavalier - Hand Steer


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The Cavalier walking frame is a good choice for children or adults who need upper body and pelvic support whilst walking for longer periods of time.

As a gait trainer and mobility device, the Cavalier really exemplifies the concept of 'see the person, not the equipment' and yet it offers the same levels of support as walkers that surround the user. The Cavalier looks minimal, but that is its simple brilliance. 



The Cavalier can be used indoors or out under appropriate supervision, thanks to its oversized wheels.

With its unique steering system, the Cavalier can turn easily and precisely. It is responsive and efficient and helps the user to maintain a good rhythm and straight-line walking. The Cavalier rolls freely on its relatively large and solid wheels and minor obstacles and curbs can be negotiated with some training and concentration.

"We have decided to order the Cavalier for the little lad we assessed the other week, so the order request has been forwarded to school with the quote. His movement pattern and postural control while stepping as well as his ability to actively participate in steering the walker, were all better with the Cavalier."

The rear aspect of the frame makes transfer easy. The saddle unit provides lateral stability to the pelvis and can be used as a seat, should the user wish to rest. On larger models, the saddle unit is designed to drop down to assist transfer to or from wheelchairs.

The Cavalier has an extensive range of accessories available, options include: molded anterior supports, leg and foot separation plates, vertical handholds, forearm supports, hip supports, and synthetic wool covers for saddle units.

The Cavalier is available in 5 sizes covering toddlers to adults.

When taking your measurements, it’s important to consider the posture and stance of the individual, and how that might change over the course of the day. For example, the leg muscles might stretch after a warm-up and therefore affect seat height. Similarly, if an individual finds it hard to fully extend or flex their knees measurements should be taken in their preferred stance. For some individuals, a larger frame with an offset drop-link gives more space for growth and adjustment. An assessment is always advisable.      

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