Activity Wheels for Kaye Walker

Activity Wheels for Kaye Walker

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Price includes: 2x Front Activity Wheels & 2x Rear Activity Wheels

Ideal for family walks and country paths, our Activity Wheels expand the possibilities for your Kaye Posture Control Walker and are incredibly simple to change at a moment's notice, keeping the walker adaptable at all times to the terrain in front of you.

The simple pop-studs along the 'leg' sections make it easy to adjust the height of your walker, or to remove the wheels entirely for an even smaller footprint when folding your walker for transport.

Comparison: Standard Front Wheel (left) vs. Activity Front Wheel (right).

Activity Wheels: Mud should be wiped off. Do not submerse wheels in water for cleaning or use pressure washers after muddy adventures. Store walkers/activity wheels inside when not in use. Saltwater may accelerate corrosion, as with most things, mountain bikes, buggies etc.

The larger diameter of the activity wheels reduces deflection when walking over loose gravel and small stones.