Special Pedals with Calf Supports

Special Pedals with Calf Supports

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Special Pedals with Calf Support for dynamic stability.

Hase's latest footplates have been designed with ergonomics and simplicity in mind. A singular reflective & adjustable velcro strap is used to secure the user into the pedal, with padded segments used to make sure the correct amount of pressure is placed onto the top of the foot. As for the plate, it's self, their new design has made it so much more adjustable to the individual than any other footplate on the market. They fit an impressive range of shoe sizes, from a UK kid's size 13 to a men's size 15.5. The angle at which the foot is held in is also easily adjustable, meaning corrections for toeing in and out can be made gradually over time, rather than forcing the user into the correct placement straight away. Once all adjustments have been made, the strap can then be easily fastened and released with one hand.

The new Calf Support was redesigned from the ground up for use with Hase's new pedals. It's unique and ingenious structure provides firm and positive support for the leg, but also enables the ankle to flex naturally, allowing for a circular pedalling motion that feels completely unrestricted. This freedom of movement is made possible by an adjustable elastomer spring where the calf support meets the pedal, meaning that if the user were to close their eyes whilst pedalling (not recommended!) the only point of contact they can feel with the bike is between the foot and the pedal, there's no pressure at all on the calf that distracts from the joy of cycling.

Please note if you are considering strapping the foot to the pedal, it is important that you have at least a lap strap to keep you on the seat or saddle.

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