Seated Kaye Walker (Fast Track)
Seated Kaye Walker (Fast Track)
Seated Kaye Walker (Fast Track)
Seated Kaye Walker (Fast Track)

Seated Kaye Walker (Fast Track)

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To meet the growing demand for privately purchasable rehabilitation aids, we've created our new 'Fast Track' service: A standardised specification of our Kaye Walker, most suited to everyday use, shipped directly to you.
Designed for parents or individuals with past experience of the Kaye Walker, or who have been recommended one by your Physio or OT, this service bypasses a slowing NHS whilst still retaining all of the same aftercare and support offered as standard by Quest. It is important to purchase knowing exactly what you require, as this is a simplified service that does not include a 1-2-1 assessment (this is reflected in the price). Please note that the fast track walker is not available to purchase business to business.
Which size?
The Seated Kaye WalkerTM is available in six sizes, covering toddlers through to adults. Each size of the Kaye WalkerTM overlaps and is colour coded for ease of identification.  The reason there are eight sizes is that it is important that walkers for children are proportionate and applicable to each stage in development. Having a proportionate size in terms of the weight of the equipment, the spatial implications when negotiating environments, and just the daily 'living with the equipment' is so important.
Which wheels are included?


  • Directional Locking swivel wheels - castor-style wheels that combine swivel and fixed functions in one design.

Rear-wheel / leg

  • Unidirectional Silent Wheels - the built-in braking mechanism prevents the walker from rolling backward.


All Kaye Walker wheel options can be used outdoors.

Activity Wheels: Mud should be wiped off. Do not submerse wheels in water for cleaning or use pressure washers after muddy adventures. Store walkers/activity wheels inside when not in use. Saltwater may accelerate corrosion, as with most things, mountain bikes, buggies etc.

Optional accessories:

Hip Guide Option:

If your child tends to migrate into the corners of the frame whilst walking or stationary, it may be that hip location pads are the solution. Please ask your therapist whether this accessory is suitable as it could make a world of difference! The optional 'hip guide belt' should only be selected if you are already using this option on your NHS walker.

Welcome to our new Fast Track option for purchasing the most popular version of Quest's Kaye Walker. Please read below to see what is included before choosing from the option list.

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