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The Gripmit is designed for children and adults who have low muscle tone or weakness in the lower arm or hand and who want to participate more fully in leisure or DIY activities.

The Gripmit can also be used to assist with the gripping of walking aids and tricycle handlebars, particularly where the user has a tendency to release handles spontaneously. In this situation, the Gripmit must be prescribed and used responsibly and should not be simply relied upon at the expense of training and encouraging the individual to grip independently.

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Three new ways to wear your Gripmit

The Gripmits updated design includes an additional strap for the crease of the palm to control sideways movement and a pocket for more positive finger location. You can use these features to achieve the best control for you.


In order to establish the correct size of Gripmit measure with the hand flat, from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger and compare with the chart below. Gripmits are universal and can be used with either hand. Sizes are calculated in cms. Gripmits are sold individually if a pair is required please order two.

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