We are partnering At home Winter Wonderwheels powered by Marvel 2020

Its official !! - Quest is a Power Pack Super Partner of this year's At home Winter Wonderwheels powered by Marvel. We know, it slips off the tongue doesn't it? Just like:

"Hand me the Shark-Repellent Bat-Spray!"

At Home Zap

In brief, we are helping to make this year's event happen with sponsorship and ensuring that your gadgets are primed for action.

This means we are on-hand to help you get your gear in gear, or get geared up for the first time. This includes the offer of equipment rental through the CP Sport RaceRunner Rental Scheme (see blog post).

family heroes

We also have 8 individual race packs (or 2 families of 4) to give away. So get in touch and claim yours.

If you haven't already - you can find out more about this fantastic event and get signed up here: 


At Home Winter Wonderwheels 2020