"If I don't cycle every day, I'll go stir crazy!"


After years of using indoor recumbent exercise bikes at the gym to build strength and gain general fitness, Sally contacted us on the recommendation of a friend to ask if she could book in to see us at our Shrewsbury Cycling Hub, to further explore her abilities through our range of recumbent tricycles.

Unable to ride a 'regular' two-wheel cycle, due to lack of strength in her right hand and leg, after a few careful alterations to one of our ICE Adventures Sally rapidly took her first laps around the town park.

"The Ice trike has TRANSFORMED my life! As my mobility is decreasing I have increasing ability to cycle - We now cycle 6 miles most mornings before work, my best month was in the Autumn last year when I cycled 200 miles in the month!"
"If my friend hadn't suggested we try you & if you hadn't been so helpful then I would not be in such a positive place. We have cycled off road, on cycle paths & because of lockdown on our urban & main roads as well. My longest ride is 27 miles, not much I know but with my legs it is a real achievement!"
"The trike means that I can get out to get fresh air, exercise and be normal. It also helps manage my pain, foster positive mental health... I could go on! If I don't cycle every day, I'll go stir crazy!!"
Stories like Sally's keep us motivated to do everything we can to help our customers realise their full potential for movement and adventure. If there's a way to get you cycling, we'll find it together, just drop us an email or give us a call to begin your journey.