"I immediately fell in love with the freedom this sport gave me"

I first became aware of Quest 88 when I attended a CP Sport RaceRunner taster day in February 2017 where I was able to try out RaceRunning for the first time on a Petra RaceRunner. I immediately fell in love with the freedom this sport gave me, but at the time I was trying to get back into swimming at international level following a huge progression in my Generalised Dystonia triggered by a shoulder injury, and also couldn’t find a RaceRunning club in or around Manchester so decided to just stick with swimming.

In 2018 after making it back to racing at International level, winning Gold and Bronze at the European championships, I had bilateral shoulder surgery. As a result, I had to have an extended period of training out of the pool and so a lovely friend of mine introduced me to a wheelchair racing club who train at the track where she stores her RaceRunner.

She kindly offered to let me borrow her racerunner to use at that track. After a few months, I decided I absolutely loved this sport and wanted to get my own RaceRunner!

In the pool, I only have use of my upper body so having a sport where I was able to use my legs was amazing as I never thought I’d be able to do any sport that was leg based. I emailed Quest 88 and went to the factory to try out two types of RaceRunner they offer. They were a great help and I got to try out different types of seats and chest plates to make sure I found the right fit for me.  It was extremely helpful having someone experienced to help me choose what was the right option as I’d never been on a RaceRunner that was exactly the right size for me and was still very new to the sport.

A charity called the Be More Bailey Charitable Foundation very kindly helped to fund this RaceRunner. The process of trying, getting a quote, and ordering the RaceRunner was very easy. I was even able to request a custom paint colour and an adaptation to the frame that is normally only done on the Petra RaceRunner to be added to the quote with no issues at all. Whilst waiting for my RaceRunner to be built and delivered, the frame I was borrowing was no longer available for me to use as my friend needed it to train/compete.

So to enable me to keep up my training Quest very kindly let me borrow a Petra RaceRunner until mine arrived. When my RaceRunner had been built and arrived, a member of staff drove to Manchester to swap the RaceRunners over, put my one together, and showed me how everything worked.

A few weeks into having my RaceRunner I encountered a problem with one of the wheels but they were amazing and let me drive down to the factory a couple of days later and fixed the issue for me. The customer service I’ve had the whole way through has been fantastic. More recently I was able to book in to go to the Shrewsbury Hub when I was struggling a bit with my positioning causing hip pain. I was able to be watched running and then some suggestions were made and my RaceRunner adjusted.

Nothing is too much for Quest and I know I can always call them or pop into the shop if I ever have an issue. I love my RaceRunner -  it’s given me so much independence and freedom outside and given me a way to train and build fitness without putting too much pressure on my shoulders.

Without a doubt being able to train on my RaceRunner whilst I couldn’t get in the pool following my shoulder surgery is the reason I was fit enough to race a year later at the Para Swimming World Championships in September 2019 - and the icing on the cake was becoming triple World Champion!