Christopher uses his superpowers to make a big difference

Christopher and his mum and dad, Beverley and Adrian accepted Quest's invitation to join Team Quest for this years' At HOME Superheroes. It seemed that the timing was perfect...
At home superheroes
Christopher has a faulty gene in which the latest advances in science show that he created this gene himself. It affects his learning, speech, balance and motor skills.
"Christopher uses a quest therapeutic walking frame and a Trigo trike from Quest. It was Quest that contacted us to see if we wanted to be part of their team in the challenge.
It was a day later when I spoke to Christopher’s visiting carer Fiona Fitzgerald that we found out Her husband Sean has had a Pituitary Gland Tumour for the last 16 months. We decided to use the challenge to try and raise some money for The Pituitary Foundation.
At home superheroes 2020
We started off with just the trike and walker and for fun we moved on to decorating boxes to put over his trike to be a Dustbin Lorry, North Yorkshire Brewery Truck. ERF Lorry, Northern Powergrid Unimog, Mitsubishi Yellow Car. Christopher loved this.
Superhero Series
By tonight Christopher had completed 72km’s and raised £3,202.40."
Beverley, Adrian and Christopher Farmer