Frame Running, new name same frame.

You may have noticed a slight change in terminology over this past month when we talk about our RaceRunners. This is because that the sport of RaceRunning has been given a new name – Frame Running.

This name change is part of the process of developing the sport internationally, working towards its inclusion into the Paralympics in the near future. This is incredibly exciting and it’s amazing that the popularity of the sport continues to grow despite all the challenges of the past 12 months.

We want to clarify that nothing else has changed, our frames remain the same awesome, track-worthy pieces of kit that they have always been. We will still be distributing Petras, Cross Runners, Storm Runners and now our new RAD Runners.

Athletes will be referred to as Frame Runners and the RaceRunning Frames are now Running Frames. It is hoped that this new terminology will be clearer for those being introduced to the sport and help with its continued growth across the board. It’s truly an exciting time for all involved and hopefully, as the cloud of COVID slowly lifts, we will be able to enable many more people to experience the thrill and freedom only a Running Frame can bring.