What is the Quest Hub?

The Quest Hub, based in Shrewsbury's Park provides an opportunity for people of different ages and abilities to engage with cycling for the first time, or for the first time in a long time.

Quest is a rehab specialist for Hase and ICE, world leaders in the field of adaptive bikes, and semi-recumbent trikes.

We have something for everyone as well as a range of adaptive accessories to fine-tune your ride such as pendulum cranks, footplates, and harnesses.

Quest Hub

Children & Families

All bases covered - Quest provides therapy tricycle assessments at homes and schools around the UK, however, the Hub offers families an alternative to the sometimes stressful 'trike day' or a frantic one hour slot between school hometime and teatime. Shrewsbury provides a stress-free alternative to the 'man in a van' scenario and we find many families make a weekend of their visit in this beautiful part of the country.

Post-injury or illness

The Hub provides expert advice and solutions for anyone who is recovering from injury or illness, whether this involves limb-loss, balance impairment, or stamina.

Quest 88 are specialists in one-off solutions to address any issues with braking, steering, or gear selection, from shoulder steer bikes to knee operated braking.

Custom ICEtrike

The Hub provides assessments and custom tuning and accessories for Running Bikes, including the Petra RaceRunner and Storm Runner from Connie Hansen.

RaceRunning Tuned

You can find out more about our Adaptive Cycles in our Adaptive Cycling section on the navigation. 

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Why not call us and see what you can do! Our number is 01743 363512 or email hubshrewsbury@quest88.com