Introducing Frame Football

Frame Football England

It all started here!

Its 2015 and three things aligned as if meant to be: Richard Seedhouse at Counden Court Football Club (Latterly Frame Football Foundation), saw a demand for players with walkers to play football at his club, CP Sport saw the need to create a framework including rules and gain FA recognition for frame users who were not getting a share of the ball in mixed games and to avoid collisions between ambulant players and frame users - Meanwhile Quest were exploring new frames designed for sport to address the growing number of children using their NHS supplied frames outside of their intended use as medical devices and the impact this was having on the frames themselves. Also for ways to make the frames suitable for football.

We got our heads together and Frame Football was born!

The following video was filmed at the first national taster session at England HQ at St. Georges Park - where children, parents and coaches were asked to contribute towards the formation of rules for Frame Football.


Introducing the World's First Frame for Playing Football 

Quest gameframe

Gameframe Frame Football FrameDesigned to make kicking and ball control easier - the new Gameframe® Kick from Quest, enhances the experience of children and young adults who play Frame Football - a variation on the great game for players who use walkers for mobility or gait training. 

The Gameframe®Kick is based on a wider version of the Kaye Posture Control Walker. The wider frame design makes access and retention of the ball easier. The Kick is stiffer and stronger thanks to the side folding torsion bars - designed to cope with the rigors of the game.

  • Strong frame with hard-wearing textured coating. 
  • Anti-transpirant and anti-bacterial grip tape, designed to reduce vibration whilst playing. 
  • Various Wheel options.
  • Cushioned back pad and optional frame pads. 
  • Optional hip pads for helping players to maintain better body symmetry. 
  • Optional frame and kit bag.
  • Optional 'Gameframes®' Water Bottle and frame-mounted cage.
  • Specific team colours available

Frame Football Clubs

Quest offers you the chance to try the new Gameframe® Kick at your club or PE sessions. For more information on how to take advantage of this contact Quest 88 on 01952 463050 or email us at


CP Sport Skills Cards

These skill cards hav e been developed to support individuals to play frame football at home, in the garden or in outdoor spaces with family and friends. They are a great resource to keep players practising and engaged in football. Clubs can also use these cards to support their players.

Skills1Skill Cards 2Skill Cards 3


There is a growing network of clubs across the UK, offering training, encouragement, and the opportunity to play the sport with new friends. Quest provides support across the UK and Ireland for Frame Football startups, including taster days and by attending tournaments. Please contact us if you require any support or advice.