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Introducing the World's First Frame for Playing Football 

 Gameframe Kick

Designed to make kicking and ball control easier - the new Gameframe® Kick from Quest, enhances the experience of children and young adults who play Frame Football - a variation on the great game for players who use walkers for mobility or gait training. 

Gameframe Kick

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The Gameframe®Kick is based on a wider version of the Kaye Posture Control Walker. The wider frame design makes access and retention of the ball easier. The Kick is stiffer and stronger thanks to the side folding torsion bars - designed to cope with the rigors of the game.

  • Strong frame with hard-wearing textured coating. 
  • Anti-transpirant and anti-bacterial grip tape, designed to reduce vibration whilst playing. 
  • Various Wheel options.
  • Cushioned back pad and optional frame pads. 
  • Optional hip pads for helping players to maintain better body symmetry. 
  • Optional frame and kit bag.
  • Optional 'Gameframes®' Water Bottle and frame-mounted cage.
  • Specific team colours available* - minimum 5 frames. *Additional cost may apply.

Quest offers you the chance to try the new Gameframe® Kick at your club or PE sessions. For more information on how to take advantage of this contact Quest 88 on 01952 463050 or email us at


APCP Frame Football Exercises

 The APCP have reviewed exercises commonly used by football teams and have adapted these exercises to be used by frame football athletes. Please contact Quest or the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists to obtain an electronic version of this resource either in PDF or Powerpoint format.


For those who want to, they can play Frame Football too! There is a growing network of clubs across the UK, offering training, encouragement, and the opportunity to play the sport with new friends. Quest provides support across the UK and Ireland for Frame Football startups, including taster days and by attending tournaments. Please contact us if you require any support or advice.

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